Meet Jack Chaps

Little Dog, Large Ears
Jack Chaps is a papillon, which is French for butterfly, after the breed’s large butterfly-shaped ears. Papillons are small-breed dogs known for their intelligence, agility, and grace. Like most papillons, Jack Chaps is both stylish and smart. It’s no surprise, then, that this pensive pup with panache put on a houndstooth hat and became a dog detective with a knack for solving city mysteries.

Jack Chaps originally hails from Columbia, Missouri. There, he spent his early days romping around a lush 10-acre spread. He was reared by the mothering paw of the family German Shepherd and was batted about by a sneaky little black cat. This created both a tender heart and some pluck in the young pup.

Eventually, a more expansive city skyline beckoned Jack Chaps, and this country pup became a city pup. Jack Chaps finally settled in Chicago’s historic Old Town. When not out cracking a case, Jack Chaps enjoys a good neighborhood trot, visiting with both furry and not-so-furry neighbors and friends, and running with gleeful abandon along the lakeshore. This dapper chap can also be seen strolling Michigan Avenue, sporting his stylish red bow tie. From Michigan Avenue’s glitzy glam, to a Wrigley Field ballgame (hotdogs & relish – yum!), all the way up to the spice and sparkle of Little India’s Devon Street, Jack Chaps does it all. He’s not just a dog detective, he’s the quintessential social butterfly and the apple of everyone’s eye! Chicago’s now quite simply his kinda town.

Please join in celebrating Jack Chaps’ debut as city sleuth extraordinaire!

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