Meet Dr. Quigley

Dr. Biggs Quigley (aka Bluto)
He’s got Fatitude!
Originally a rough and tumble Southside Chicago stray and shelter cat, Dr. Biggs Quigley was adopted in 2007. Following his adoption, city apartment-living proved too cramped for this fleshy feline, and Biggs & his girth literally moved on to greener pastures. He can now be found luxuriating on the sprawling 10-acre spread in Columbia, MO (along with a small black cat, clownish poodle, and moody donkey). Biggs nevertheless still serves as sidekick extraordinaire to Jack Chaps in city sleuthing. When this wiggly Quigley isn’t tipping Jack Chaps off, he can be observed doing what Biggs does best, engaging in such cat-tastrophes as opening screen doors for exit/entry, shredding toilet paper, and dipping crumpled napkins in his water bowl.

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